Gratitude Journal

Gratitude Journal
Gratitude Journal
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Imagine waking up in a great mood each and every day. Imagine being able to carry that mood with you throughout the day and apply positivity to everything you do. How powerful would that be? Imagine what you would be able to achieve. What situations you would be able to heal? Imagine what great things you would be inviting into your life... Revised and updated, this EXCLUSIVE Spirit & Destiny edition of Natalie Fox’s Gratitude Journal brings you extra pages and activities to cultivate the feeling of gratitude.....just writing a list simply won’t do!

This is no ordinary gratitude journal. This book will take you on a journey for the next 30 days to retrain your mindset and be more positive.

Not only that, this book helps heal your relationships with others through giving thanks and gives you the opportunity to figure out how you want to feel for the day. Happy? Positive? Abundant? Calm? Loving?

This book will teach you how to practice the feeling of gratitude and let it become a habit. Use this book however you will. Colour in it, draw on it and get creative. The subconscious mind learns by repetition and can create new, positive habits, no-matter what your age or situation is. The aim of this book is to ‘rewire’ your brain to adopt a new gratitude mindset so that it becomes your default way of being. Commit to a daily gratitude practice with this book and feel good! Please note that the journal pages for the 30 days are the same - this is deliberate! It's to use as a prompt to create the habit of gratitude within you.

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