Burning incense is an ancient tradition and can be helpful in many different ways. You can burn incense just to enjoy the fragrance or to create a specific mood  relaxing or refreshing your  mind  and body. Incense can also be helpful for cleansing a room, clearing unwanted or stagnant energies.

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Nag Champa Rose Dhoop Cones
Nagchampa Rose Dhoop Cones 12 cones per box with stand. Satya Fresh Rose Dhoop Cones. From the m..
Nitiraj Original 12g - Incense
Nitiraj, The Original, Natural Masala Incense. Hand rolled in India from a 'Masala' blend of natu..
Oak King Incense Sticks by Anne Stokes
High quality incense sticks, designed by the artist Anne Stokes. In packaging with her Oak King desi..
Opium Incense by Stamford
Create the perfect atmosphere for celebrations and entertaining with Stamford Hex Opium Incense Stic..
Opium Incense Cones by Stamford
Create a beautiful atmosphere with Stamford Opium Incense Cones. They release a heady fragrance perf..
Orange Nag Champa Incense by Nitiraj ~ Happiness 10g
Happiness ~ Experience bliss with this delightful combination of sweet woods and spices. The Niti..
Patchouli Incense by Stamford
Indulge your senses with Stamford Hex Patchouli Incense Sticks for a blissful home. Patchouli is won..
Patchouli Incense Cones by Stamford
Stamford Patchouli Incense Cones lift you up with delicately romantic scent and give gorgeous relaxa..
PRIORY Prinknash Abbey Incense Resin & Charcoal 55g
The Benedictine Monks of Prinknash Abbey have been blending incense since 1906, when the community w..
Prosperity Incense Granules by Star Child
PROSPERITY Abundance is a state of mind. This incense is not a get-rich-quick potion. It is design..
Prosperity Incense Sticks  by Stamford
Sit back, relax and enjoy the subtlety of Sandalwood aroma as this Prosperity Incense infuses the ai..
Protection Incense Granules by Star Child
PROTECTION Negative energies abound in this world - from jealousy to spite to full blown hatred. E..
Purification Incense Granules by Star Child
PURIFICATION A blend of purifying herbs and resins that may be used for all spiritual cleansing an..
Purple Nag Champa Incense by Nitiraj ~ Prayer 10g
With our low P&P we believe we are the cheapest on the internet. Prayer - A fine blend of aro..
Red Nag Champa Incense by Nitiraj ~ Energy 10g by Nitiraj
Energy - a powerful blend of exotic oils and sweet tropical fruits by Nitiraj. The Nitiraj brand ..
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