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Swarovski Crystal Teardrop Rainbow Maker
A Gorgeous Swarovski crystal teardrop spiral Rainbow Maker with a clear Swarovski Crystal 50mm Icicl..
Swarovski faceted ball Rainbow Maker
A perfectly polished, perfectly brilliant Swarovski crystal faceted ball.  With dozens and doze..
Swarovski Star Rainbow Maker
Create beautiful rainbows in your room with this Swarovski Star Cascade rainbow maker. Crystal st..
Tiger Iron Tumble Stone
Tiger Iron Tumble Stone - For inspiration, gives strength and helps resolve problems. Tumblestone..
Tigers Eye Pendulum
Tigers Eye Crystal Pendulum for dowsing, comes complete with its own velvet bag. Total length inc..
Tigers Eye Thumb Stone
Thumb Stones are designed to have a calming effect, Thumb Stones are shaped to fit beautifully betwe..
Tigers Eye Tumblestone
Tigers Eye Tumblestone Properties:- Attracts good luck, stimulates wealth and the ability to keep it..
Topaz Tumble Stone
Topaz is said to soothe, heal, stimulate recharge and align the meridians of the body and to promote..
Tree Agate Tumble Stone
Tree Agate is a white crystal with green markings. It is an extremely stabilizing stone that can hel..
Unakite Tumble Stone
Unakite Tumble Stone used for grounding after spiritual work. Tumblestones are tumble polished to..
White Agate Tumblestone
White Agate tumblestone is said to give protection from stress and bad dreams. ..
Wooden Chakra Wand
This unique hand made Wooden Wand features the seven chakra crystals encrusted upon one of its sides..
Yellow Beryl Tumble Stone
Yellow Jasper is a protective stone, which can shield you against negativity and depression. It is s..
Yellow Calcite Tumble Stone
Yellow Calcite Tumble Stone is a stone for vision that is said to increase and amplify energy. Tu..
Zoisite with Ruby Tumble Stone
Ruby in Zoisite is also known as Anyolite. It is said to increase vigour and to help overcome lazine..
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