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Rose Quartz Tumblestone
Rose Quartz is a translucent or transparent pink crystal. It is known as the 'Love Stone' and is sai..
Rutilated Quartz Tumble Stone
The golden brown needles in Rutilated Quartz are caused by the presence of Rutile or Titanium oxide...
Sardonyx Tumble Stone
Sardonyx Tumble Stone, for strength, protection and a happy marriage. Tumblestones are tumble pol..
Selinite Tumblestone
Selenite is a calming crystal that instils peace and is an excellent stone for meditation. Holding a..
Shungite Cube
Shungite Cube in 3 sizes Shungite is an ancient stone that formed at least 2 billion years ago in..
Shungite Mobile Phone Plate
Shungite Mobile Phone Plate Stick this shungite plate to the back of your phone to help protect y..
Shungite Pyramid
Shungite Pyramid in 4 sizes. 6cm Extra Large 5cm Large 4cm Medium 3cm Small Shungite is a..
Shungite Sphere
Shungite Sphere in 3 sizes. Small 3cm dia. Medium 4cm dia. Large 5cm dia. Shungite is an anc..
Sitting Cat Crystal Suncatcher
This sitting cat suncatcher is adorned with Rose, Clear and AB beads a crystal cascade and an almond..
Smokey Quartz Tumblestone
Smokey Quartz Properties:- A "Good Luck" talisman and protects from negative energies. Promotes crea..
Snowflake Obsidian Tumblestone
Snowflake Obsidian Tumblestone, for safe travel, this stone is also said to improve circulation. ..
Sodalite Tumble Stone
Sodalite is said to be an excellent stone for bringing mental clarity and encouraging rational thoug..
Song Bird Crystal Suncatcher - Rainbow
This Song Bird suncatcher is adorned with a rainbow crystal cascade and an icicle-shaped faceted cry..
Swarovski Crystal Ball
A perfectly polished & faceted Swarovski Crystal Ball.  With dozens of triangular facets, e..
Swarovski Crystal Butterfly Rainbow Maker
A Gorgeous Swarovski crystal butterflies spiral Rainbow Maker with a clear Swarovski Crystal (Spectr..
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