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Angel of Ascension - Angel Essence Spray
This is the essence of Cosmic Consciousness and Light Body Activation. This amazing high vibratio..
Angel of Light - Angel Essence Spray
ANGEL OF LIGHT - Healing and Angelic Protection. Creates a beautiful harmonious, sacred and safe ..
Archangel Chamuel's Embrace - Angel Essence Spray
Archangel Chamuel's Embrace. Angelic Love(God's Love). This Divinely-guided essence ignites an..
Archangel Gabriels Call - Angel Essence Spray
Archangel Gabriels Call 'Awaken your 'Inner Angel' and receive Archangel Gabriel's gifts of hope,..
Archangel Haniels Glory - Angel Essence Spray
Archangel Haniels Glory A warrior energy, providing spiritual armour to protect your soul when f..
Archangel Michaels Empowerment Spray
ARCHANGEL MICHAEL'S EMPOWERMENT SPRAY This essence brings freedom, releases fears, strengthens ..
Archangel Raphaels Dream - Angel Essence Spray
Archangel Raphaels Dream - Angel Essence Spray The blessings, mercy and compassion of Archangel R..
Archangel Uriels Initiation - Angel Essence Spray
Angelic Peace and Illumination Archangel Uriel brings wisdom to our 'Earth walk' and illuminates..
Ascension into Cosmic Consciousness - Angel Essence Spray
This angelic essence supports enhanced states of cosmic awareness, Soul Star activation and integrat..
Chakra Alignment Angel Essence Spray
Chakra Alignment Angel Spray Balances, attunes and aligns the master chakra centres on the physic..
Fairy Essence Aura Spray by Hazel Raven
Fairy aura essence spray will encourage living in harmony with the elemental forces creating positiv..
Guardian Angel - Angel Essence Spray
Guardian Angel: Activates your Angelic chakra, bringing love, warmth & an overwhelming sense of ..
Kwan Yin Angel Essence Spray
Kwan Yin is known as the goddess of mercy. She brings the gift of compassion in action or Karuna. T..
Melchizedek - Angel Essence Spray
Merkavah Mysticism Anchors the Christ Consciousness on earth. Keys to the Kingdom - Secrets of t..
Pleiadean Star - Angel Essence Spray
This angelic essence awakens your connection to the Pleiadean star system. These seven mystical star..
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